Med varje nytt andetag

Det här är vad träningsrevolution är för mig. Och jag är så glad att ni är med mig.


With every new breath she created a new matrix for herself.
A matrix this time so strong that it was impossible to be penetrated by those around her.
By inherited patterns of stories told both to her, by her, and about her.
A matrix so fierce that it didn’t matter what was thrown her way, for now she drew her power and truth.
From an untouchable unwavering place that resided deep within.

With every new exhale she released lifetimes of oppression.
Of enforced power. Of pain and suffering. Of guilt and shame.
Of holding back her voice, Her truth, Her wisdom, Her knowingness, Her powerfulness, Her holiness.
Of holding things in Her body that were not even hers.

She was born in the fire.
Each new flame igniting an untamable power that could never be extinguished.
Not now. Not ever.

With every new breath She created a new matrix for herself.
And when She was done.
She looked arround and found herself in a sea of sisters.
Who this whole time, had been doing the exact same thing.

Tack Camilla för att du skickade mig texten hämtad ur boken Rise sister rise (Rebecca Cambell).